Master your emotional life!

Navigate stress and emotions
with ease and clarity
to achieve your goals
without anxiety or burnout!

Mastering the skills of Emotional Intelligence

Use the power of emotions to reenergize your entrepreneurial spirit
and achieve your dreams without overwhelm, anxiety, or burnout.


Master Your Emotional Power Coaching

Accelerate your career with our unique method for sharpening your emotional intelligence and create a 100% more fulfilled life (including the 5 most critical leadership skills most people unwittingly overlook).

A 3-month powerful journey, including a 360 assessment, the Goleman online course and one-on-one coaching sessions. Throughout the journey, you apply the new skills you have learned to real-life scenarios, and we debrief during our one-one coaching sessions. As your guide, I’ll be pointing out your blind spots, reinforcing your strengths and challenging you to exceed your self-imposed limits. This program is also available to teams in a masterclass format.

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Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Workshops

Available virtually or in person and ranging from a one-hour lunch and learn to a full day offsite, our workshops are an opportunity to learn something new in a group environment. Workshops should be fun, instructive and lead to new personal insights and that is why we favor participation over lecturing. People remember how they felt a lot more than what they have seen or heard.

Choose from one of our 8 plus workshops based on your team’s interests and needs. Find a perfect match with Resilience, Stress Tolerance, Avoiding Burnout, Adaptability, Self-Awareness, Coaching and Mentoring, Conflict Management, Networking for Introverts or let’s build one together.

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Work Life Integration & Personal Wellbeing

A new job, a promotion, transitioning to a new career, moving, a painful relationship? Trying to let go of poor habits like drinking one more, mindless TV watching or internet surfing, eating junk food, workaholism, compulsive buying of clothes or gadgets you don’t need.

All the above are common problems resulting from a hectic life and reasons why people join our Work Life Integration Coaching Program. This is all about you, a 360 focus on your life, to get things moving in the right direction from the first day we meet. You’ll be surprised at how coaching can dramatically accelerate your success. Like so many clients your might end up saying: “Why did I wait so long?”

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The power of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to make emotions work for you, instead of against you.

Emotional intelligence involves not only understanding how emotions work in a given situation, but the ability to manage a situation to attain a desired result

As an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur in a large corporation, you have brilliant ideas, you love a challenge and the opportunity to launch projects but the path can quickly become overwhelming, making it a double edge sword with anxiety, chronic stress, and burnout always lurking.

To stay in the flow, you need to develop the skills that will help you achieve more without sacrificing your wellbeing and the metaphor I like to use is surfing as a beginner.

Once in the water, the big waves keep coming and you can either have an exhilarating experience surfing on top of the wave or a miserable one, tumbling under the water, being pushed down, not knowing which way is up.

To stay on top of the wave, you need to develop surfing skills and to be a star entrepreneur you need to develop the specific emotional intelligence skills that will help you stay on top of your game and pick yourself up quickly when you experience a setback.


The skills you need to succeed

Mastering the right skills changes how you see yourself, how the world sees you and accelerates your career’s trajectory.

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We think of ourselves as rational beings but science indicates something else: Our emotions, even those we are not aware of, affect our decisions, how we think and how we show up. Our associative thinking, body language, facial expression and tone of voice all send messages about ourselves to the people around us, conveying whether they should trust us, fear us or simply ignore us.

As a leader, your emotions are an extremely important communication tool. Falling into the trap of manifesting negative emotions creates uncertainties, fear, resentment, dragging everyone downwards while sharing higher emotions translates to trust, influence and collaboration.

Science says that 95% of our behavior is a result of the environment and 5% the result of deliberate thinking. A lot of what you may find difficult to explain, such as, how other people behave, how they perceive you or why you do not always act in your own best interest, becomes very clear once you’ve gained in self-awareness and have seen how your own emotions influence your behavior. Learning to master skills like self-awareness, emotional stability, adaptability and empathy is like acquiring superpowers.

Unleash your untapped power

Learn to let go of judgment, biases and other self-limiting beliefs to unleash your full potential

Another way to describe the work my clients and I do together is the mask metaphor.

Unknowingly, as we grew up, we have created a mask to protect us from the outside world. It results from evolution combined with our own unique experience. Our education, TV programs, parents, teachers, siblings, peers all took a role in creating the mask we wear.

With time, the mask gets thicker and overly protective, to where we do not receive as much light from the outside and are kept from fully expressing our full power. The mask has become an internal prison. It has taken the role of the master and our true self the role of the servant.

My job is to help you reverse the roles and get your power back. Emotional intelligence, starting with self-awareness is the study of ourselves, of the mask we wear and gaining the tools that will help us take a few layers off, make it transparent and flexible enough to let us live a fulfilled life while still protecting us.

Wild horse

Who am I?

Tony Saccardi, Principal & Founder

I’ve worked in Fintech for 25+ years as consultant and technical director but in my heart, I have always been an entrepreneur, looking at the big picture and coming up with a vision for my internal clients. As an “intrapreneur,” I was never satisfied with the status quo and never took no for an answer. I was in the flow and loved what I was doing until I fell into the trap of chronic stress.

It started with longer hours, not getting enough sleep, multitasking during meetings, and went downhill from there. I was controlled by the survival brain. I started to experience resentment, distrust, fear and the 2 am anxiety crisis.

Fortunately for me, with good coaching, learning the right skills and a strong meditation practice, I was able to get back into the flow and regain my power. By then I also had a clearer picture of what I wanted in life and decided to take a different path, to become a professional coach and help others realize what I had just found out. Emotions are not a bad thing, quite the contrary, it is your superpower but you need the skills to harness that powerful and volatile energy.

My role today is that of a guide. I can take you to that place where your emotions and your thoughts will work for you rather than against you. A place where you can make the courageous choices and experience a meaningful, exciting, fulfilled life.

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What my clients have to say


Franka Winchester,
Co-founder, Pacific Crest Group,
San Francisco

Tony is an incredible coach and mentor. He helped me understand and apply many skills including self-awareness, listening, empathy and being a stronger leader in my business.
We worked out some big issues I was facing with family members and professional challenges, that resulted in a positive outcome, and took a lot of burden and worries of my shoulders.
I now feel much better equipped for the next phase in my life.


Thomas Stocking,
Tech Executive, Groundwork,
San Francisco

This program is a "must have" for anyone looking to manage a team of people, in any field. I highly recommend Tony's services, and while the emotional intelligence course with coaching was an investment, it has already "paid" for itself many times over in increased happiness, motivation, and inspiration to be at my best.


Krista MacKinnon, Founder,
Families Healing Together,
San Francisco

I worked with Tony briefly and found him to be thoughtful and incredibly adept at getting right to the heart of things. He has an uncanny ability to skip over details that are unimportant and magnify exactly the components that are relevant and powerful for charging a path forward that is clear, true, and inspiring. His style doesn't allow for getting sidetracked or caught in lengthy storytelling. If you are serious about getting clear on your life path, Tony is a great guide!


Derrick Pallas,
Entrepreneur, Engineer
Meter, San Francisco

In addition to being an expert public speaker, Tony has become a highly empathetic, extremely resonant life coach. Through his coaching, he helped me discover my own creative solutions to various problems without inserting his own ego into the process. Highly recommended.


Fenny Lin, MD
Burnout prevention & Wellness coach

"In just a couple months, Tony helped me see the internal barriers that I had placed in my own way. His insights helped set me on the path to making transformative changes in my personal and professional life." 


Joan Jiang
Compliance Professional
San Francisco

Tony was instrumental in helping me manage through my professional and personal growth. At the end of my sessions with him, he helped me gain clarity, momentum and peace in every aspect I could imagine. Tony was very attentive and attuned, and professional and personable. While the sessions have ended, what I learned about myself from his coaching and teachings, will stay with me indefinitely.


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