The new normal

The risk of experiencing burnout and chronic stress has skyrocketed while employees everywhere are asked to do more with less


Worplace Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training reduces stress and absenteeism while increasing your employee’s wellbeing, creativity and problem solving skills, resulting in lower operational costs while enjoying higher levels of engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction.
I can help you train your employees in as little as 6 weeks and create a self-sustainable environment for a fraction of the time and money you would spend doing it on your own.



Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training

Really want to make a difference? Train your leaders using the gold standard of emotional intelligence. According to recent reports , EI is set to become a must have skill with companies investing in EI seeing higher productivity, less attrition and mental wellbeing.
I offer intro webinars, training and individual coaching and as a Goleman EI associate, I can scale up as required and train any number of participants.



Work-Life Integration Coaching

Individual coaching helps you successfully integrate work and every other aspect of their life. Harmonious work-life integration gives a sense of purpose, resulting in much higher engagement and resiliency while maintaining a balanced life.
I adhere to the CTI and ICF philosophy and strong ethics which I combine with my extensive knowledge of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to unleash your true potential.


Emotional Intelligence

Improving your leaders’ EQ will have a deep impact on your organization and increase employee engagement resulting in higher client satisfaction

Why Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence?

What we are experiencing today is unprecedented. The situation is complex, volatile, and full of unknowns. Today’s leader needs to be vulnerable, empathic, inspiring, authentic, and appreciative. He/she needs to listen, influence, coach, mentor and resolve conflicts.
How do you improve such skills?
The answer is emotional intelligence. Research has shown that training your leaders in emotional intelligence will help them improve the skills above and unleash the full potential of their team. The need for more EI was always there and it has been amplified by the pandemic. People, now more than ever, need to integrate work and life, to have a sense of purpose and belonging and this is what a leader with a higher EQ can provide.

What is EI

What is EI?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to achieve more with less. Less busyness, more achievements. Less meetings, more collaboration. Less waste, more engagement. These are the benefits of EI at work. Leaders with a higher EQ know how to resolve conflicts, and to listen and care about their employees and peers. They recover quickly from a setback, really listen, and keep an open mind. They are willing to try on new ideas and continually seek improvement for themselves and the team. They have the capacity to bring people together, to inspire them and make them believe in a common vision. They enjoy solving problems together and know how to get the right people on board to bring a new idea to life. They do all this with ease and gratitude, making everyone feel valued and appreciated.

Can EI be improved?

Can EI be improved?

The competencies of emotional intelligence can be learned and with enough practice can become an integral part of who we are. The core skills of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, emotional balance, empathy, adaptability, and positive outlook. They are like the Lego bricks of EI that can be built onto to acquire the next set of skills including achievement orientation, organizational awareness, conflict management, inspirational leadership, influencing, teamwork, coaching, and mentoring. EQ is improved through learning, practicing, and reflecting on one’s personal experience. The learning is accelerated by hiring a professional coach who can guide you through the process, point to your blind spots and help you get past your own self-limiting beliefs.

Workplace Mindfulness to manage stress

Work has always been a major source of stress affecting millions of people and now with the pandemic your employees need more than ever to be resilient and learn the techniques to manage stress

Chronic stress

Chronic Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death and 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Workplace and stress

Workplace stress

Work as a source of stress consistently ranks very high on the APA yearly survey. Research from Stanford indicates that highly demanding jobs raise the odd of a physician diagnosed illness by 35%.

Mindfulness and stress

Can Mindfulness help?

While there are different ways to manage stress, a secular mindfulness program is one of the most effective and is easy to implement. In 2018 35% of employers were offering mindfulness classes or training.

Work Life Integration

With Work-Life Integration you create synergy between all the areas that define your entire life, making it possible to achieve balance and optimal performance in a sustainable way

Why life coaching

Why life coaching?

A major contributor to chronic stress is when we fail to live according to our own values. Deep down we have our own set of core values, defining who we really are, and how we wish to live our lives. Because of life’s demands, we may sometimes choose to compromise and the result is unsatisfying. At the beginning, it may simply be annoying, but after a while, not living to our potential becomes a major source of stress, a feeling of missing out, even when we have everything one could wish for. Work life integration coaching brings your core values back to life and explores the opportunities to create synergy between who you are and what you do. The goal is to bring flow into your life, to choose courage over comfort and create a meaningful life where you feel valued and connected and where you’re living your higher purpose.

What is coaching

What is coaching?

We all have blind spots and rarely take the time to sit down to take stock of all the different aspects of our life. We naturally tend to focus on the next short-term goals, taking the nearby trees for the forest. A coach does not give advice, fix problems, or commiserate. A coach listens and asks powerful questions. It’s all about who you are and evoking transformation to help you become who you need to be to live a fulfilled life. While therapy focuses on the past to heal a disorder, to make you feel better, coaching focuses on your future to make you feel more alive. A coach helps you get clarity on who you are, where you are and what you really want. A coach is a trusted partner who unconditionally believes in your potential and relentlessly pushes you to make the courageous choices and live your life with no regrets.

Should I get a coach?

Do I need a coach?

The best time to hire a coach is when you feel stuck, when you want to move forward at a higher speed or when you want to make a significant change in your life. Alone and with your current support system, you can continue to achieve what you have been able to achieve until now, like a straight line. If you need to seriously accelerate or change your trajectory, then you need the help of a good coach. When you feel ready to let go of the status quo, when you feel like each day looks like the previous one, when you are unable to decide on the next steps, when you feel like you are drowning under the weight of responsibilities, when you have a big challenge in front of you or when you feel like your best self has not been able to fully express itself, is the best time to schedule a sample session with a qualified coach.


I train leadership teams using the gold standards in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching

Tony Saccardi

Tony Saccardi, Principal & Owner

Tony is a Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach (EICC), a certified Co-active coach (CPCC), and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ACC). His experience encompasses 25+ years in the corporate world working as a software architecture consultant, technical director and managing director for fortune 500 financial companies. His ability to truly understand what leaders and managers in tech are going through makes him the perfect coach and trainer for emerging tech leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Tony's main differentiators are his versatility, adaptability and his wide network of professional coaches and trainers. Through his associations with Goleman EI, MMI Mindful, and other networks, he can help you create scalable solutions nationally and internationally.


It all started at the workplace

"In 2014, while I was still working as a technology director for a large financial company, I volunteered for the local Wellness program and started to facilitate meditation for the workplace. Seeing the immediate benefits of as little as 15 minutes a day of meditation practice on stress and anxiety, I decided to make it available to as many co-workers as possible. In 2016, I created and taught an 8 weeks mindfulness program in our San Francisco offices where employees could learn and try 9 different types of meditation to manage stress and improve their focus, self-awareness and social-awareness. The program ran continuously with a waiting list until I left in December 2017. Since then, all my focus has been on studying and training to specialize in emotional intelligence. This led me to study psychology and neuroscience and to go through 1000+ hours of training programs including Co-Active coaching with CTI and emotional intelligence coaching with Goleman EI. I have been coaching people in emotional intelligence and mindfulness for the last 2 years and affecting peoples’ lives in such a positive way has been a reward in itself.” - Tony Saccardi

Tony Saccardi

What others say

Feedback from recent workshops:
“This was by far one of the best Mindfulness presentations.”
“This was a very approachable workshop, non-intimidating, easy to follow…”
“Learned the physiological reason reactions can be negative, and how to avoid the first reaction of fear… They all rang loudly in my ears....”
“Very clear speaker. Nice presentation, wonderful slides and images used. I enjoyed the topic, the speaker, and the visuals…”
“Wonderful workshop. The way Tony presented is easy to understand, follow and practice.”

From recent coaching engagements:
"I enjoyed every session with Tony and feel he truly cares and is attentive and supportive in so many ways. 6 weeks ago we started the shelter in place for COVID19 and I feel I have the mental awareness and tools to stay strong and positive through this rough time of uncertainty."
"Tony was instrumental in helping me manage through my professional and personal growth. He helped me gain clarity, momentum and peace in every aspect I could imagine."
"I recommend Tony's services, and while the EI course was an investment, it has already "paid" for itself many times over in increased happiness, motivation, and inspiration to be at my best."


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