My mission is to provide simple, powerful, transformative methods to help you unlock your full potential and live a fulfilled life.

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Michelangelo's Prisoners - Florence
The Italian renaissance scultor famously said that his job was not to create but to reveal the powerful figures already contained in the marble and his task to simply chip away the excess.

Creating a better, smarter and kinder world, one person at a time

According to author Bronnie Ware, the number one regret of dying people is “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Other recent studies have confirmed the same, what we regret is what we have not done.

Society, family, work ,and communities, they all want us to fit their mold. Trying to please everyone and compromising can lead to an externally successful but unsavory life. Like Michelangelo’s “Prisoner,” emerging from the block of marble, our true selves can be prisoners of all the different influences coming from our environment.

As a coach, my goal is to help you live an authentic and courageous life, devoid of regrets. I want to help you express your true self, to help you emerge and break away from the mold artificially created by the need to conform. We will use tools and techniques from Emotional Intelligence, life coaching and mindfulness to help you chip away at unhelpful habits and peel off layer after layer the limiting factors keeping you from being your full, radiant, and authentic self.

The main goal is freedom from what’s holding you back. It is a life-long journey and the first thing we do is develop your own inner coach, your true self’s faithful servant.

I set high standards for myself and my clients because I believe that excellence, compassion, and positivity are contagious and that the self-development work we do, affects all the people in our lives, resulting in a better, smarter, and kinder world.

Tony Saccardi, Goleman Emotional Intelligence meta-coach

It all started at the workplace

In 2014, while I was still working as a technology director for a large financial company, I volunteered for the local Wellness program and facilitated meditation for the workplace. At the time, I was completely burned out, with chronic stress, and experiencing anxiety attacks in the middle of the night.

Meditation saved me! Seeing the immediate benefits of as little as 15 minutes a day of meditation on stress and anxiety, I made it my mission to share the practice with as many co- workers as possible. In 2016, I created and taught an 8-week mindfulness program in our San Francisco offices where employees could learn and try 9 different types of meditation to manage stress and improve their focus, self-awareness and social- awareness. The program ran continuously with a waiting list until I left in December 2017.

Since then, my focus has been on emotional intelligence, which is the ideal framework to put mindfulness in action, especially at the workplace. I’ve been coaching and training people in emotional intelligence and mindfulness for over 5 years now and touching peoples’ lives in such a positive way as been truly gratifying.

What lifestyle do you want?

You’re an entrepreneur or “intrapreneur” with a growth mindset, an avid learner, and a self-starter. You want something more from life, not just money and status, but also what keeps you in awe and makes your heart sing. You want to be a force for good, have meaningful relationships, and live life fully with no regrets.

Because we are humans, the range of topics we can work on is infinite. Transitions, relationships, purpose, re-inventing oneself, getting out of chronic stress and the list goes on but the overarching goal I see in almost all my clients is the desire to regain their mojo and work in a smarter way.

My personal experience includes big transitions, such as starting a new life in a foreign country, marriage and divorce, changing career a couple of times, and raising 2 wonderful kids with my lovely wife. Traveling, adventure, ancient wisdom and theater acting have also played a big part in my life, giving me a broader perspective on humanity.

What you get with me as your coach is someone who adapts to your style, makes you feel comfortable and creates a safe, intimate space. I will be honest, point out your blind spots, but also acknowledge your strengths, and fully believe in you. I’ll remind you how creative and resourceful you are and share the skills you need to transform your life.

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