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Workplace meditation

Workplace meditation and resiliency

Meditation is the exercise for the mind and is very easy to implement. We can improve self-awareness, social-awareness, empathy and compassion as well as focus, creativity using the appropriate techniques. Meditation is not one technique, it is a set of hundreds different techniques from which we can pick and choose to create the right workout. Having an effective meditation program will reduce burn outs and chronic stress, and help employees be more focused and productive. It will result in cost savings from absenteeism, health care, increased productivity and less turnaround.


Mindful workplace

A mindfulness program normally includes short meditations or group exercises as well as individual practice and is meant to change the way people feel, think and work together. The idea is to implement mindfulness in everyday life at the workplace. Mindful meetings where employees not only show up but listen to each other and respect each other’s point of view. Learning how to conduct brainstorming sessions and then the following triage to zero in on the vision and pick a strategy. It is also learning how to promote innovation effectively through mental mode management. It requires understanding your culture and what your current pain points are. We also need to understand what skills you value the most. Together, we will create the perfect mindfulness program for your company that will enhance creativity, productivity and collaboration resulting in end-user satisfaction, faster deployment and with a smaller budget.

Create your own program

Emotional Intelligence

A recent article read “Emotional Intelligence is the new black”. It is the skill that all employees and particularly the ones in leadership roles will want to acquire. Some predict it will be a requirement on leader’s resume as soon as 2020. Having workshops or programs to teach emotional intelligence at work will be a very attractive offer to your employees and help with both talent acquisition and retention. To make a real difference, do not settle for less than an effective program that will not only teach the concepts of emotional intelligence but also invite the participants to learn through contemplative exercises and real-life experience. Emotional Intelligence is about walking the talk and mindfulness is the exercise that enables the EQ muscles to grow. Let's create the ultimate EI program for your leaders. There is no "one shoe fits all" if you want real and lasting results. For EI I strongly recommend a program that runs over 3 to 6 months including individual coaching for the key leaders.
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