On-Demand Workshops and Retreats

Emotional Intelligence, Stress Resiliency or Mental Mode Management workshops - Contact us to design the perfect retreat for your team


Offsite Retreats in Sedona

Get away from it all to reboot your mind, relax, learn and transform. A weekend retreat in Sedona is perfect for teams who want to learn how to quickly boost their EQ. You will come back to your life or the office with a new outlook and a feeling that the sky is the limit. The menu includes local SPA, Yoga, Emotional Intelligence, meditation, visualization, Mindfulness in action and hiking in one of the most inspiring landscape in the US. Contact us now and let's prepare your next team retreat: info@mindfullink.com for details.

North Cost

North Coast Retreats

This retreat is ideal for the folks in the Bay Area. About 2.5 hours from San Francisco the North Coast between Jenner and Mendocino offers great opportunities for an unforgettable retreat. Possible locations include the Sea Ranch, the Ratna Ling Retreat Center and many others. Ratna Ling offers the perfect getaway place to learn about mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. The sea ranch is another magical place, close to nature and the elements. Contact us now and let’s make it happen.

info@mindfullink.com for details.

Adi Yogi Retreat

This retreat is for individuals who want to transform and experience the roots of mindfulness. It is a lot easier to make a shift at least initially, when practicing mindfulness in a foreign context, different from our day to day lives. For the individuals who need to get away from it all, we created a 12 days retreat in India. It is an all-inclusive retreat, located in the Himalayan foothills, right on the banks of the Ganga river. Package includes daily meditation practice, philosophy and visit of caves, temples and other sacred places in the Himalayas.